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A person may have a high income, but a small fortune the reverse is unlikely. Like income, wealth is unevenly distributed, being the richest men of the upper class. Wealth makes the rich richer, because, based on her rich get large loans, increase their current purchase and investors. Marketing people should be informed about the purchasing power of consumers and trends in their markets, since it will directly influence the employees in marketing departments were and are very interested to know how families spend buy instagram accounts to purchase various categories products and the variation of the structure of the costs for different levels of income. Thus, there were some studies on family expenditure structure changes as a result of income growth. Some studies show that: as income family increases, the proportion spent on food as decreases the household expenses remain constant except heating, energy and other public services that lower and their share to another destination especially those with leisure increases.

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Technological environment affects both producers and consumers. Any new technology provides and creates efficiency in terms of time and quality compared to older technologies. New technologies creates opportunities and new markets. Marketers must realize the importance of the technological trends, such as: accelerating technological change. Life products is increasingly shorter. Companies must follow changes in technological environment and whether it will affect the ability of their products to meet further needs gmail pva of consumers. They must make creative efforts to launch new products on a timely basis and to capitalize on opportunities. Increase r& d spending. R& d budgets of companies are increasingly higher budgets aeronautical industries, electronics, communications, chemistry etc. R& d budgets amounts to of the sales.

In turn, governments allocate research money from increasingly mark. Most innovations aimed at improvement of existing products. High costs of research leads many companies to improve old products instead come up with completely new products. Some invest in imitation of product features. Tightening legal regulations on technologies and products versus increasing phenomenon of piracy technology. Methods to see more to imitate, copy products of world-famous companies are increasingly sophisticated, more developed. Counterfeiting, piracy technology has become a threat, both at prestigious companies in the world market risk exposing them notoriety, image, financial, etc. To consumatorilor deprived of original products, subject to financial risks, physical, moral, etc.

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But also to the environment. Companies must comply with laws relating to relations in the competitive environment and to realize the imperative need to protect the environment natural business is conducted within a certain legal framework and under the influence of government agencies and public interest groups. Legislation and its application reflects largely a certain political orientation. Strongly influence business policy of a country. Generally, laws, governmental and political pressure groups i refer here and formed groups, both from unions and employers' groups around political parties tend to influence or limit marketing actions and decisions. Legislation regarding consumer buy gmail accounts pva protection, that competition has a big impact, both on consumers and firms. Generally their behavior. Marketers seek to anticipate these changes in order to identify new market opportunities.

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A good understanding of the legislative and policy framework is vital for companies' activities. Needs and wishes of the people, markets and consumption patterns are expressions of social culture, organizational and groups of people. For those responsible for the marketing should show interest in identifying cultural changes that could signal the emergence advantage of opportunities that allow them to influence consumer behavior. Members of a community share certain cultural values: primary and secondary. The primary values are relatively stable and are transmitted from one generation to another, while the secondary values are dynamic. For example, faith in family life is a primary value, while believing it is good for people to marry early is secondary. A marketing specialist is more likely to change the values of secondary than primary ones. However, every culture is a subculture structure, secondary crops created by certain social groups. Phenomena manifested in music fans of movie stars, sports, etc. Subculture is influencing the lifestyle of market sub segments, clothing, hairstyle, etc.